When should I Goop my surfaces?

Goop is a great way to protect your clients assets on site  throughout the building stage but it is always important to get the job done at the right time. Each surface we protect should be covered as soon as possible after installation. This time will vary depending on the individual surfaces. Windows are ready to be gooped immediately after installation and before any brickwork has commenced. Baths and benches are another surface that are ready to be gooped immediately after installation. Floors are a little different with cure times of glue and other liquids coming into play. when the floor is applied with an adhesive the glue would need to be fully cured to avoid movement before gooping. In the case of tiles the grout will also need to be applied and dry before gooping  commences(roughly 24- 48 hours after installation).

We also goop concrete slabs, as they are a lot thicker than tiled floors they require at least three days cure time before gooping.  The timeline on a build is always hectic but getting the goop guys in at the right time will help to protect your surfaces and save on the hassles of replacement.