My Time As A Goop Guys Franchise Owner

I discovered Goop Guys in 2010 and was fascinated by the product and how easy it was to apply, with further research I found that not only was it easy to apply but it really worked.
Being involved in Glass and Aluminium Industry for a very long time, I was looking for something different and could see the benefits that Goop Guys offered to the Building Industry.

My Wife and I bought the North Melbourne franchise in 2011 and headed off to protect as many windows as we could. Being from Queensland, moving to Melbourne was a challenge, but we were able to manage the different weather and started to build a business. Unfortunately due to Family Health we were only in Melbourne for 12 months, but didn’t have any problems on selling a good business.

Moving back to Queensland to look after elderly parents, I found work in the Glass Industry again, until the Toowoomba Franchise of Goop Guys was available, so my wife and I bought this franchise in 2015.

Moving to Toowoomba was very similar to Melbourne (weather ) but a lot closer to Family.
We have owned Goop Guys Toowoomba for about 2 years now. Trying to convince the Builders in Toowoomba of the benefits of Goop Products has been a challenge, but I believe in the product and have faith that the Smart Builders will too.