Green Building With Goop

Green Building With Goop

In this day and age everyone is thinking about building not only economically but also
environmentally and ecologically friendly projects. We are all concerned about our carbon footprint,
increasing landfill, ocean pollution, our future generations well being , the list goes on……..

‘That’s why Smart Builders use Goop’.

What if we could help reduce the impact on nature? Replacing a pane of glass because it is
scratched during the building phase in not only expensive and frustrating but also bad for the
environment. Window Glass is much harder and far more expensive to recycle than bottled glass.
Goop products are suitable to go in landfill as they will degrade in a short amount of time, unlike
glass which takes 1-2 million years to degrade.

Goop products are very different to alternative methods of protection in the marketplace. Goop
products are water-based, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous, solvent free and innocuous. Other forms of protection offering similar protection to Goop are likely plastic based and as we all know, plastic is bad for the environment.

Considering that around 8 million metric tonne of harmful plastic products are dumped in the
ocean every year and get turned into toxins that make their way up the food chain again , it’s no
wonder Smart Builders are using Goop on their projects.

‘Goop’ the friendly alternative used by Smart Builders.