Bath Goop – Bathe in the glory!

Bath Goop – Bathe in the glory!

Most people will tell you that a kitchen sells a home. But what about the bathroom? These days bathrooms are also up there with kitchens when it comes to what “sells” a home. There are two rooms in your home that you’ll find yourself in each and everyday without a doubt, and those two rooms would have to be the kitchen and bathroom.

With popular renovation shows on the rise and on our television screens daily, our creative design juices are flowing when it comes down to choosing the right bathtub, the right tiles, the right size shower head, right down to picking the correct “indoor plant” to match the theme we are going for in our home.

All of this isn’t cheap. As mentioned above, the kitchen and bathroom are probably the two main rooms of a home that are lived in more than any other room, so we tend to make sure when we are choosing the designs and fixtures for our home that we choose EXACTLY what we want in those particular spaces.

This is where GOOP comes in. Too often when homes and in particular bathrooms are being built, the bathtub unfortunately ends up as a mini rubbish bin filled with nails, scrap plastic, plasterboard etc. We’ve seen it all too many times ourselves. Big, glorious, bathtubs waiting to be revealed, that end up scratched and marked by accident through the building and painting phase of the home.

We suggest Goop Guys. Our specially formulated BATH GOOP was designed to protect just that, your BATH! We hate seeing dreamy bathrooms revealed…only to see the bathtub has been scratched and scuffed. Like we said earlier, bathrooms and bathtubs aren’t cheap, so why not protect it? Our BATH GOOP is painted on, dries to a protective film, then once the bathroom is ready for handover, the bath goop is simply peeled off leaving a beautiful, fresh, silky smooth and clean bath.

We highly recommend protecting your beautiful, new bathroom assets! Contact us today to organise protection for your bath tub! 1300MRGOOP.