In the building industry there are many lessons learnt the hard way, when accidents happen after parts of the build are complete.

Some of the most costly mistakes happen in the bathroom just after expensive baths and bathroom accessories have been installed.

After speaking to many experts it became obvious these expensive asset needed to be protected during construction, and Bath Goop was specifically designed for this purpose.

Now more and more builders are seeing the benefits of protecting bathroom features from waste and building debris with Bath Goop.

Our commercial grade temporary protective coating system, is simple to peel off and saves expensive bathroom accessories during construction and renovations.

Bath Goop is applied quite thick, so when trades drop things and stand in the bath it is protected from damage and scratches. Before the application of Bath Goop, the front edge is also taped leaving room for plasterboard and tiles so the other trades don’t need to peel it back.

Bath Goop has successfully protected thousands of steel and acrylic bathtubs and is recognised globally as the leading water-based peelable bathtub protection because it doesn’t leave a hard to remove residue.

It’s also non-toxic and water based, and as a bonus Bath Goop contains cleaning products which keep the substrate spotless during the construction phase. Winning!