Are you looking for a quick, easy and cost effective way to create privacy, prevent UV damage to interiors, or even create mystery for a shop launch?

Blockout Goop from Goop Manufacturing is a premium coating system designed to block light from windows and all types of glass. Like all our other products, Blockout Goop simply rolls on and peels off.

It’s the perfect blackout film for businesses, families and environmentally conscious individuals having a low environmental impact, no toxins and a small rubbish footprint.

The top 3 commonly asked questions about this product are:

#1 What is a Blockout Goop?

Blockout Goop is a type of blackout film that covers and protects glass and windows from UV rays, heat or visibility (and sometimes all of these). Although there are a few different types of blackout films available on the market, our revolutionary Blockout Goop is the only one that rolls on like paint and peels off in plastic form. This makes it super easy to apply, as it goes on smooth to create a cling film type product that sticks to glass and windows.

#2 What are blackout films used for?

Blackout films can be used for a range of different applications.

Whether it’s darkening a baby’s room, creating privacy on job sites and in office buildings, or a store undergoing renovations, the film is used to darken windows or glass doors.

Because it stops people being able to see through doors and windows, it’s also great if you have expensive equipment stored on a site or in an office with public facing windows.

Reducing light in rooms like home theatres, darkrooms, nightclubs are also common uses as the film helps to ensure that any light from outside sources does not enter rooms or buildings.

#3 How is Blockout Goop different to an opaque film or a frosted film?

Opaque window films are typically somewhat see-through and will allow you to see vaguely what’s going on in the room. This is also the case with frosted films in glass and doors. These types of window films are sometimes used for privacy but won’t block out a room, office or building completely.

Blockout provides a solid coverage, blocking out all light and visibility, with the added benefit of being temporary.

Blockout Goop is ideal for domestic, commercial and retail applications. Call us today to find out how Blockout can help your project.