Here at Goop we understand how important it is to have your spray booth up and running, so we formulated a product that makes it possible for you to do just that!

Our specialty product, Booth Goop, is a must for panel beaters and car enthusiasts, and does a spectacular job of keeping workshops and booths clean and ready for use.

Imagine being able to clean your spray booth in the afternoon, and re-apply Booth Goop to protect your spray booth for another 6 months.

Enter our direct to market product Booth Goop! Not only is it easy to apply to your workshop or spraybooth, the best news is that your work area can be painted in under 2 hours and peeled in under 3 hours.

It’s simple and easy, and there’s no surprises like other alternatives available in the market that can cause some difficulties during the removal stage. Sometimes this means having to high pressure blast the product off the walls for removal before reapplying new protection. This equals less time to work on customer’s vehicles, and extra time spent waiting for vents and filters to dry.

Another advantage is that anyone can apply Booth Goop. All you need is a paint roller and before you know it your inside surfaces are protected. For professionals working in this field, the booth downtime is reduced by 50% which means you can get more jobs done too.

Booth Goop is also non-hazardous and made in Australia to be environmentally friendly and less expensive than the competition.

It’s safe to work around after application and is ready to go as soon as the product dries. Drying times of the product can differ slightly but generally within a couple of hours of application the booth can be used again.

Booth Goop can be purchased directly from Goop Guys and is a product that our clients can apply themselves or can be applied by a Goop Guys team member. It’s used right around Australia from Western Australia to Victoria, Nes South Wales to Queensland and further.

Our franchisees themselves have applied hundreds of coatings to spray booths throughout Australia. It is one of our favourite products, simply because there is just nothing like it on the spray booth market.

Booth Goop is tinted white to provide a fresh clean coating to spray booths and enhanced the reflective qualities while vehicles are being sprayed. There is also a translucent Booth Goop available.

“Booth Goop has solved so many issues for our spray booth. We use it to protect our booth because it is so easy to apply, just roll it on. Then in 6 months time, peel it off and re roll in only 1 day. This reduces the down time for the booth immensely. Non toxic, clean, reduced cost, less preparation. This is the only product we use.” Pelican Motors Service Centre