One of the biggest issues with commercial building is delivering the project on time and on budget.

That’s why a great majority of commercial builders around Australia are now resorting to Goop protection for their projects. It’s a very economical insurance against scratched and damaged surfaces during the construction of their projects.

Builder who use Goop appreciate the protection on their projects and the cost savings.

One of the instances we often hear about during construction, is when the next floor on the shear walls go up, and the blocks are laid. Brickies mud can be dropped from above at this stage and often lands on the glass and sills below. It’s even worse when the blocks are core filled and concrete pours down the walls all over the windows and sills. Then of course you have the renderers and painters to follow.

If these surfaces have been completely covered, the brickies mud, concrete, render and paint is kept off the surface and therefore free from damage. This is where Goop proves invaluable time and time again.

Another tip is to protect the glass and frames of the undercover areas, as the concrete ceilings will be patched and textured which can cause hours of extra work for the cleaners.