One of the great things about Goop is that it can be used as temporary surface protection on a range of different materials.

At Goop Guys we regularly get customers asking us to test Goop on their products, and that’s what led to the development of Bench Goop. One particular customer was having a problem with their high gloss polyurethane coated kitchen cabinets getting scratched and marked whilst other trades were still working in the house.

Bench Goop was developed to solve this problem and is designed to be quickly applied. The job simply involves taping around the handle then applying Bench Goop with a roller to all exposed surfaces.

Bench Goop dries to a translucent, durable and tough protective coating which protects against paint, grout, glues, silicones and any other building material that is flicked, spilt or dropped onto the bench during the construction phase of a project.

This low tack protective coating can be used for a wide variety of benchtop materials including non-porous granite and stone, stainless steel, marble benchtops (including those containing limestone), laminates and most other similar surfaces.

The other great thing is that Bench Goop can be applied as soon as benchtops have been installed, enabling tilers and painters to work close to the benches without ruining new cabinetry. Builders and owners love the security this provides and there’s less delays before the owner gets the keys to their dream house!

The Bench Goop coating is also easily removed by peeling once the protection is no longer required, so anyone can do it! Watch our video to see how quick and easy this job is.

That’s why Bench Goop is used all around the world in the building industry, and is recognised as the leading peelable protective coating system for benchtops. It contains no harmful solvents, and its toughness is unparalleled.

Environmentally friendly and Australian made – what else could you ask for?

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