Jay is your new go-to Goop Guy in the Bendigo Region and is the Goop Guys Bendigo franchise owner.

Jay works with other builders and supervisors on worksites throughout Bendigo applying the Goop Guys products. The quality of the products and his reputation for reliable work are great assets in his business and the demand for work is high.

What do you love about your job?

I love how easy Goop is to apply and use, and the awesome protection that it offers. I also love the flexibility and working outdoors and I’m doing that everyday. WINNING!

What’s your favourite product to use and why?

Do I have to pick just one? It’s really hard to choose just one because they’re all awesome products with so many different uses.

Tell us about your most interesting job to date.

A lady thought I was applying window tint and wanted me to come across the road and do her house next. When I explained what I was doing she was very intrigued and said what an awesome idea it was.

Who's your favourite football team?

Carn the Blues (Carlton Football Club).

Save time (and money)!

Goop is engineered to be versatile and protects a wide range of surfaces at minimum cost. Finding cost effective, Australian-made, environmentally friendly products for your project is so easy with Goop.

Environmentally Friendly

We're proud to say that Goop is safe to use and is kind to the environment. Once your job is finished, Goop can be easily peeled off and disposed in landfill, as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Australian Made

Goop Director and Inventor, Shane Copley, developed Goop on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Proudly manufacturing our product right here in Australia, our focus is and always has been on creating quality products since 2001.