Meet the newest dream team to join the Goop family – Jess and Braidon serving the Shepparton region in Victoria.

Jess and Braidon joined Goop Guys as they wanted to grow a business that they can work together.

The flexibility of the work, being able to set your own work hours and the outdoor nature appealed to them.

They were very impressed when they found the Goop product and love it’s innovative nature and that it saves times for builders. They’re both looking forward to getting out and ‘gooping’

We asked them a few questions to get to know more about this dynamic duo.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of working with Goop Guys?

Jess – Horse riding (eventing and show jumping)
Braidon – Cricket and golf

Favourite foods

Jess – Thai food
Braidon – Steak

What are your favourite drinks?

Jess – Coffee
Braidon – Beer

Favourite songs

Jess – Swing life away by Rise against
Braidon – A day to remember by Better off this way

What's your favourite movie/book?

Jess – Throne of glass book series
Braidon – Fast and furious movies

Favourite colour

They both agree on Blue!

What's your favourite quote?

Jess – “Expect nothing, appreciate everything”
Braidon – “She’ll be right”

Save time (and money)!

Goop is engineered to be versatile and protects a wide range of surfaces at minimum cost. Finding cost effective, Australian-made, environmentally friendly products for your project is so easy with Goop.

Environmentally Friendly

We're proud to say that Goop is safe to use and is kind to the environment. Once your job is finished, Goop can be easily peeled off and disposed in landfill, as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Australian Made

Goop Director and Inventor, Shane Copley, developed Goop on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Proudly manufacturing our product right here in Australia, our focus is and always has been on creating quality products since 2001.