Ken is our newest franchise owner. As a military firefighter and father of two, he knows the importance of working with a great team.

He has great connections in the local community and wanted the opportunity to own his own business. So when the opportunity came to work with the Goop team and the great products we supply, he jumped on it.

Kenneth is an all round great guy and isn’t afraid of working hard. Martial arts and fitness are his main interests outside of work. He’s all about balance so it’s no surprise his favourite foods are burgers and hotdogs!

We asked him a few questions to get to know more about our newest Franchisee.

What is your favourite drink?

Pisco Sour – the national cocktail of Peru and Chilli made with Pisco Brandy, syrup, lime juice, bitters and egg white.

Favourite song

Out to get me! by Guns N’ Roses

What's your favourite movie?

Top Gun Maverick

Favourite colour


What's your favourite quote?

Adapt what is useful
Reject what is useless
Add what is unique to you

Save time (and money)!

Goop is engineered to be versatile and protects a wide range of surfaces at minimum cost. Finding cost effective, Australian-made, environmentally friendly products for your project is so easy with Goop.

Environmentally Friendly

We're proud to say that Goop is safe to use and is kind to the environment. Once your job is finished, Goop can be easily peeled off and disposed in landfill, as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Australian Made

Goop Director and Inventor, Shane Copley, developed Goop on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Proudly manufacturing our product right here in Australia, our focus is and always has been on creating quality products since 2001.