Meet Michael, Goop Guys Sydney South West Franchise Owner.

Michael has valuable customer service and construction knowledge and is always ready to take care of his clients surfaces during the construction phase of their build.

Ensuring clients get a clean and damage free handover after a build is complete is a priority for Michael.

What do you love about your job?

it’s a great feeling knowing that I am helping builders protect their projects so that they can in turn deliver a fantastic forever home to their clients.

What’s your favourite product to use and why?

Floor Goop is an amazing product and is my favourite our of the Goop product range. You can protect the whole house for the cost of replacing a few scratched tiles if you didn’t have Goop surface protection.

Tell us about your most interesting job to date.

It’s difficult to pick just one job but it is always great to work on unique architecturally designed homes with amazing views or to work on those jobs where something unexpected happens….like a chicken turning up on site.

Who’s your favourite football team?

I love following the English premier league and my team is Everton.


“Prior to using Michael and the Goop Guys products to protect my polished concrete floors I had been using core-flute which trapped the dirt between the floor and the core-flute and caused staining to the floor. Since using Goop Guys to protect my polished concrete floors I haven’t had any staining issues and the floors look amazing when the Goop is peeled up.”

Deen Suleman – McNab Construction

“Nothing keeps grout clean like Goop does. Before I started using Goop on my floors I would have to send my cleaners back 3+ times to clean the grout, and even then it never comes back to new. I no longer have this problem because of Goop. Thanks Michael.”

Pat (Builder) – Wynn Homes