Goop Guys is a franchise business, providing a supply and install service of temporary protection coatings to the construction industry – residential and commercial builders.

We have established a strong franchise support system, clearly defined territories and a combination of head office and self-made sales, to offer an attractive franchise opportunity that balances lifestyle, outdoor work and the potential to grow a profitable business.

Our experience in the field is unmatched, and Goop Manufacturing have been proudly making quality products coupled. With great service to repeat and new customers, and over 20 years, we have a firm reputation as Australia’s leading manufacturers ‘Paint on – Peel off’ Removable Coatings.

Goop Guys franchisees work with companies who are increasingly focused on the protection of scratchable surfaces.

If you’re new to our products, it’s good to know that Goop is a water-based product, developed and made in Australia and is environmentally friendly.

Goop products can be used on many different items from windows to bathtubs, as well as floors, benchtops and stainless steel to name a few. The protective coatings are simple to use and roll on like paint, creating a protective surface barrier which can be easily peeled off when the work is done. This liquid protection is a guarantee against many different items that can damage a surface.

With many fast growing areas for the building and construction industry across Australia, the options are limitless.

When you become a franchise owner with Goop Guys you receive:

  • Exclusive area
  • Full training
  • Proven systems
  • Head Office support
  • An excellent business opportunity
  • No rent or property is required, and stock levels vary depending on usage.

To find out why Goop Guys customers rave about our products and services and why Goop Guys franchisees love their businesses, visit our Franchise section on the website at The Franchising section is a great source of information for how you can become a Goop Guys franchisee.