Years ago we were approached by an automotive spray painter wanting to know if we supplied a product that was able to be used on a spray booth. He wanted to protect the walls from excess paint build up, to make the job of keeping the booth clean easier for staff.

At the time we didn’t have a product in our temporary surface protection range that did exactly that but Goop Director and inventor, Shane Copley, got to work and started to get creative in the Goop Laboratory. Not long after, a new product was born perfect for this job. Enter Booth Goop!

If you talk to our head office team on the Sunny Coast of Queensland, you will find we have a few car enthusiasts within our ranks. So if anyone is going to know about and appreciate freshly painted cars and the value of Booth Goop, it’s us!

Although there are other alternatives on the market that can provide surface protection, they cause some difficulties during the removal stage. Some need to be high-pressure blasted off the walls for removal before reapplying new protection, which means less time working on customers vehicles as time is needed for the vents and filters to dry.

Booth Goop avoids all of that hassle.

Anyone can do it. All you need is a paint roller, and before you know it your inside surfaces are protected. For professionals working in this field, the booth downtime is reduced by 50% which means you can get more jobs done too.

Booth Goop can be left on a booth for up to six months depending on how often the booth is used (a busy booth replaces Booth Goop every 3 months). Once ready for replacement, Booth Goop is simply peeled off, rolled up and discarded in general waste. Application is also super simple, easy and safe.

Did you know that the thicker the build up of paint on booth walls, the harder it is to clean. Having to scrub and use harsh chemicals to clean a booth is not ideal for the individual doing the work, or for the business owner having to wait until a booth is cleaned before being able to start the next job. And as we all know, less jobs unfortunately means less cash flow and no business needs that!

Booth Goop gets around all that.

It’s easy enough to apply yourself with a paint roller, or alternatively book one of our Goop Guys team members to do it for you.

No place is out of reach. Our Booth Goop team has travelled right around Australia from Western Australia, Victoria and across Queensland and further and our franchisees have applied hundreds of coatings to spray booths throughout Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria.

If you can’t wait to try this product, Booth Goop can be purchased directly from our Head Office.

BUY BOOTH GOOP NOW by calling 1300 MR GOOP or send us an enquiry via the website and someone will be in touch.