At Goop we pride ourselves on creating environmentally-friendly and non-toxic products that our applicators can use everyday.
Our factory is based in Queensland and this is where, with assistance from our Industrial Chemist, we create products to protect windows, floors, bathtubs, kitchen benchtops and other surfaces for happy customers everyday.

From the onset, our goal was to save builders and other construction trades time and money with our affordable and efficient products and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our customers tell us that Goop coatings take away the stress of organising replacement surfaces and cabinetries that have been damaged, scratched, marked or scraped during the construction phase of the project build or renovation.

But although many of our customers know and use our incredible window protection products, our Floor Goop product is not as well known and utilised. And in our not so humble opinion, it should be!

Like our other Goop temporary surface protection coatings, Floor Goop is undoubtedly the most technically advanced and superior temporary water-based surface protection offered in the building industry in Australia and internationally.

This innovative product took years to formulate as we wanted a product that simply rolled on, cured and peeled off the flooring surface with ease when no longer required.

Floor Goop is commercial grade product that is specially formulated to be used in a variety of construction applications. It’s suitable to cover and protect a range of internal surfaces and importantly for this type of job, it is non-slip.

Don’t risk damage to your expensive new flooring, ask us about Floor Goop today!