Bench Goop

Protect benchtops with our commercial grade protective system, perfect for construction and renovations.

Bench Goop provides a protective barrier which dries into a robust, translucent coating. This protective layer serves as a shield against construction debris, including silicones, paint, tile grout and tradie’s tools. 

This versatile protective coating can be used across a broad spectrum of benchtop and cabinetry materials. It is ideal for non-porous surfaces such as granite, stone, stainless steel, marble (including sealed limestone-infused variants), laminates, and most comparable surfaces.

Bench Goop can be conveniently applied immediately after the installation of benchtops. This enables tilers and painters to work in close proximity to the benches, without causing any harm to the newly installed cabinetry. Moreover, the removal of Bench Goop is a hassle-free process once its protective function is no longer required.

Widely embraced within the global construction industry, Bench Goop stands as the leading peelable protective coating system for benchtops. Its formulation contains no harmful solvents, and its unrivaled toughness sets it apart as an industry leader.


Check out our videos to see how quick and easy it really is! In most cases the cleaner does this job with a simple pick and peel, and the Bench Goop comes off in one sheet. It’s no wonder builders choose to use Bench Goop on all their projects.

Bench Goop protects your benchtops from paint, grout, glues, silicones and any other building material that is flicked, spilt or dropped onto your bench during the construction phase of a project.