Booth Goop

Peelable spray booth protective coating that rolls on and peels off.

Booths used for spray painting get a build up of paint and overspray.

Cleaning and scraping off the panels of a spray booth can be an arduous task, and it consumes valuable time that could be dedicated to your core business activities. That’s where Booth Goop comes to the rescue!

Booth Goop presents an innovative solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your paint booths, eliminating the need for scrapers, cleaners, or potentially harmful chemicals. The application is straightforward: simply coat your booth with Booth Goop. After approximately 3-6 months, depending on the level of contamination, you can effortlessly peel off the protective Goop film and reapply a fresh protective coating to your booth.

For floor applications, it is advisable to apply two coats of our peelable protective coating to accommodate foot traffic. However, it can also be applied as a single, thicker coat if necessary, as it has the unique ability to self-thicken. Booth Goop exhibits impressive durability, standing up to heat, water, and thinners. It proves ideal for both low and high-bake booths and is widely used in mixing rooms for benchtops and floors, thanks to its resistance to thinners.

Booth Goop stands out as a non-hazardous, water-based solution that offers both efficiency and environmental friendliness. This product can be easily disposed of in general waste, simplifying the cleanup process.

While there are alternative products available on the market that offer surface protection, they often come with some drawbacks during the removal stage. Some of these alternatives require high-pressure blasting for removal before reapplication, leading to extended downtime as the ventilation and filters need time to dry.

What sets Booth Goop apart is not only its effectiveness but also its affordability. Additionally, it’s proudly made in Australia, further emphasizing its local and cost-effective advantages