Floor Goop

Protect a wide range of floor types during construction with Floor Goop

Floor Goop is a specially formulated floor protection system used in a variety of construction applications globally.


When undertaking a building or renovation project, it’s practically unavoidable that construction materials like paint, grout, plaster, glue, and others might accidentally end up on your newly laid flooring. While cleaning is one option to rectify this, there’s an alternative solution worth considering: temporary floor protection designed for construction sites.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to safeguard your floors during construction, look no further – the answer is Floor Goop!

Numerous items commonly found on a construction site pose a potential risk of damaging, marking, staining, or scratching your floors. These include concrete backwash during pouring, metal shavings, screws, nails, as well as paint and grout, among others.

Our commercial-grade Floor Goop is specifically designed to cover and shield a variety of flooring surfaces, including floor tiles, engineered flooring, concrete and more. For more detailed information on its applications, please refer to the specific details below*.


Floor Tiles – sealed marble, ceramic, porcelain, flagstone, quarry, mexican/terracotta, agglomerate, terrazzo. Grout joints must be cured prior to application.

Concrete (internal) – cured and unpitted concrete (for example garage floors). 

Other surfaces – trial before coating to ensure Floor Goop is suitable. Not recommended for unsealed/porous substrates.