The construction and renovation sectors are evolving, and the shift is clear: plastic is on its way out. As industry innovators, we’re always seeking out the next step in not just improving our services, but in our environmental responsibility. That’s where Goop steps in – as a revolutionary force in window protection.

Why the Shift Away from Plastic?

For years, plastic has been the standard for window protection during construction. Affordable and accessible, yes, but at a significant environmental cost.

To top it off, window glass is harder and more expensive to recycle than bottled glass, and most products in the market only offer plastic-based protective coatings. This is where Goop products shine, a greener alternative for window companies that’s making a significant impact!

The Goop Revolution

At Goop Guys, we’re leading this charge with eco-friendly products that protect better and pollute less.

Our protective coatings are specifically formulated to keep windows pristine throughout the construction process and degrade in a short amount of time unlike replacing window glass and using plastic protection that takes 1-2 million years to degrade. And the best part? All Goop products are manufactured using up to 89.35% recycled ingredients to help minimise environmental waste! 

The Environmental Edge

Opting for Goop is not simply about superior window protection — it’s a commitment to sustainability! Our products are water-based, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous, and can be used on multiple surfaces, helping reduce landfill waste and shrinking your carbon footprint. 

A Clear View to a Greener Future

Sustainability is the new standard in construction. Adopting Goop means you’re not just keeping pace—you’re setting it up! It shows your customers that their environmental values are also yours by giving them a premium service that respects our planet.

Join the Movement

Bid farewell to plastic and welcome a greener future with Goop. For builders, renovators, or window suppliers, switching to Goop is a win for your business and a win for the environment. Switch to Goop Guys today and protect your projects while saving the Earth!