Protect expensive bathroom accessories during construction or renovation

We all know that construction sites get messy, it’s all part of the job. Bathrooms especially!

When designing and building a home the finished product is what the customer sees, so it makes sense to have it looking spic and span at the end of the job, right? During the construction phase, bathtubs are subjected to tradies standing in them, rubbish being thrown in them and many other forms of mistreatment. This can lead to costly and unsightly damage to bathroom sinks and bathtubs that builders and tradies can be liable for.

Avoid costly cleaning and resurfacing of bathtubs - Goop it!

If damage has been done to a bathtub, when the time comes to clean it, cleaners will use harsh chemicals, steel blades and abrasive pads to remove building debris. This difficult and unnecessary process will result in scratches, scuff marks and loss of gloss on bath surfaces.

To solve this problem, traditionally builders have had to employ the services of a bath resurfacer or in severe circumstances – replace the bathtub/s. This is an expensive and project-slowing process that any builder or home handyman will want to avoid like the plague. This is why BathGoop is such a revolutionary peelable coating product – easily applied, easy to remove… it will help protect your bathroom features from waste and building debris.

Easy Application

Easy Removal

BathGoop has successfully protected thousands of bathtubs and is recognised globally as the leading water-based peelable bathtub protection in the Building Industry. BathGoop will not leave a hard to remove residue – in fact, BathGoop contains cleaning products which keep the substrate spotless during the construction phase. BathGoop can protect both steel and acrylic bathtubs.

NOTE: The video footage showing the application of Goop products is for demonstration purposes only. Please contact your relevant Goop Guys Franchisee for pricing on your specific application requirements.