Protect benchtops during construction or building works

BenchGoop is a water based temporary protective coating (or some people call it a protective film) for a wide variety of benchtop materials including:-

  • non porous laminates
  • granite
  • stone
  • marble
  • stainless steel
  • marble benchtops containing limestone
  • most other similar surfaces

Quickly applied and easy to remove

BenchGoop is applied as soon as benchtops have been installed. This enables tilers and painters to work close to the benches without ruining the brand new cabinetry as they simply peel off BenchGoop once the job is finished. Easy! BenchGoop is applied by roller application and dries to a translucent, durable and tough coating protecting against debris such as glues and silicones.

Easy Application

Easy Removal

Low tack protective coating that just works!

Have you ever asked yourself “how do I protect benchtops when I’m painting or tiling?”. The answer is BenchGoop! As you will see from the videos above, BenchGoop is quickly applied and incredibly easy to remove. It protects your benchtops from paint, grout, glues, silicones and any other building material that will be flicked, spilt or dropped, onto your bench during the construction phase of a project. The BenchGoop is removed easily once the protection is no longer required.

BenchGoop – used globally in the building industry

BenchGoop is recognised globally as the leading peelable protective coating for benchtops in the building industry. It will not leave a hard-to-remove residue on the substrate it is protecting. To remove, the cleaner simply picks a corner and peels the BenchGoop off in one sheet. Containing no harmful solvents, toughness unparalleled by competitors’ products and ease of removal second to none, it’s no wonder builders choose to use BenchGoop on all their projects.

Why wouldn't you `Goop It`?

NOTE: The video footage showing the application of Goop products are for demonstration purposes only. Please contact your relevant Goop Guys Franchisee for pricing on your specific application requirements.