Commercial window protection film that rolls on and lasts up to 12 months

Imagine being able to protect thousands of square metres of glass and windows during your construction project? Render, paint, concrete, plaster – all of these things can splatter, fall, get flicked and squirt onto windows and glass when a building is going up and it takes time, money and effort to remove and clean all these unwanteds from your windows when the project is done.

What if we told you there’s a way to save time and money with an easy to use product that rolls on like a paint, peels off like a film and lasts up to 12 months?

Goop is the revolutionary product that’s helping commercial building developers to cover, protect, and preserve the windows on their job sites.

Commercial Residential

If you’re currently in the process of looking for a temporary window protection product for a residential highrise, apartments, units, or a block of flats / townhouses our commercial grade WindowGoop can protect your windows from mortar , render, concrete splatter, grinding sparks etc. Goop can also protect, flooring, bathtubs, spa baths, benchtops and fixtures

Schools, Community and Government Buildings

Schools and universities are a place of innovation and learning. Students are always striving to learn, be more productive and find better ways to do things. Goop is a better way of protecting windows (Goop can also protect, flooring, bathtubs, spa baths, benchtops and fixtures) – that’s why we fully support any building companies that deal with schools, unis or community and government buildings.

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Save time and money with Goop

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