If you follow Goop Guys across our social media channels, you’ve no doubt noticed that we get asked to goop a range of different projects. From your usual floors, baths, windows, benchtops to even more unique applications on cupboards doors, mirrors, older cars… Goop does it all.

Recently one area that a lot of builders are asking us about is protecting their balustrading with Goop. What a great idea!

According to Architectural Digest balustrading is found lining many staircases and terraces. “A balustrade is a row of small columns topped by a rail. The term is derived from the form’s constituent posts, called balusters, a name coined in 17th-century Italy for the bulbous item’s resemblance to blossoming pomegranate flowers (balaustra in Italian).”

Sometimes balustrading can forgotten as it may be 1 to 3 floors up and there may not be any plans to do any bricking or rendering near them. But they’re just as easily damaged and scratched from works such as screen installation, tiles and pavers, concrete splashes and tools.

The good news is that damage can be avoided by a simple application of Window Goop prior to starting. Better still, Goop can stay on for the duration of the works and when ready, simply peeled off and disposed in general waste leaving the balustrades looking as though they were just installed.

That’s why Window Goop is one of the best insurance policies you’ll ever take out. Let’s face it, every repair and rework costs time to your project schedule, and extra costs are never a desirable on a construction project.

Balustrading is not cheap. Don’t take the risk!

Here’s some smart building projects that have used Goop Guys products to protect balustrading.

If you want peace of mind and to protect your valuable assets our team of Goop Guys can help. Call us today on 1300 735 496!