Working in construction comes with a number of challenges, and Worksafe Queensland has reported that building and construction workplaces are getting more dangerous, more expensive and less productive.

DID YOU KNOW, that in the last financial year 2019-2020:

  • Workers comp payouts increased by 16.2% to $1.2 billion dollars
  • Lost work time due to claims decreased productivity by 4.2 days
  • 20% of accidents are avoidable Trips, Slips and Falls in the workplace

That’s why safety needs to always be present in everyone’s mind and is our number 1 priority for the Goop Guys.

Although our own work is quite low risk due to our environmentally friendly products, we need to know what work is going on around us, who else is on site and the hazards on each site.

We sometimes attend up to 8 different sites in a day and no 2 sites are the same, so whenever our guys are on the job, we’re always evaluating our WH&S practices and looking out for ourselves and our mates on site.

A Worksite Hazard Risk Assessment needs to be filled out for each job we complete which forces us to take in the surroundings, and make sure we aren’t going to be putting ourselves or anyone else in danger.

Goop Guys take safety very seriously for our staff and their families. At the end of the day, we all want to get home to our family in the same condition we left in.

Our motto is not to take unnecessary risks just to get the job done.

Each Goop Guy has a variety of aids to assist in making the job as risk free as possible. These include extension poles and platform ladders to avoid unnecessary stretching and reaching. We also equip ourselves with PPE including hi-vis shirt, steel cap boots and UV protection.

But the best thing about Goop is that all our products are all water based and certified environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, so it can be disposed of in your normal rubbish.

If you want to work with an Australian Owned company making quality Australian Made products to protect your build project call us today on 1300 735 496!