Many of our clients ask us to protect floors during building and renovation projects. In fact, Floor Goop is our most popular product after Window Goop because flooring is easily chipped and scratched during construction.

Accidents happen and a simple drop of the tools can leave dings and scratches in flooring. Although fixing a floor that’s been chipped or cracked is always an option, depending on the amount of damage this may not be viable.

We’ve had many customers with hardwood floors find out the hard way that scratches and marks in their flooring can be a lengthy process and expensive to fix. Not only that but may never be fully happy with the repair job.

Accidents like these and paint spills can also set your project back, not only with completion time but also budget. That’s why we love Floor Goop.

It’s a quick, convenient and affordable way to protect floors on construction sites and we have Goop Guys available nationally to complete this job for you.

Our experience is that in many renovation and building projects, floor protection is a last minute consideration. We’ve seen towels, rugs, old blankets or plastic sheeting used in an attempt to save floors and these sometimes lead to accidents and still the floor is not fully protected.

That’s why we always advocate you protect your floors prior, as this can be the difference between your renovation project running smoothly, on time and on budget.

Floor Goop is suitable for floor tiles, timber flooring, concrete and other surfaces. For more info and specific applications click here.

Call us today to ensure that when the renovation is done, your floor looks just as it should.