Now that we’ve go your attention, did you know that every year the construction industry grows in Australia? And so does the amount of scratched glass and damaged floors, bathtubs and surfaces.

Being involved in the industry for over 35 years, our Director Shane Copley saw this happen over and over again, and knew just how expensive this was for builders and home-owners. He knew there had to be a better way for builders and so he embarked on a mission to create a product to protect glass, floors and surfaces.

It took him a while to come up with the Goop Guys specialty formula as it was important to Shane that the product be environmentally friendly and made in Australia.

After a lot of research and product trials, in 1999 Shane started testing this new product, which was a great success and so Goop Guys was born and went into full manufacturing and production of Goop in 2001.

Goop Guys now operates nationally in every state of Australia, and although Shane no longer manufactures Goop, in the family tradition he has passed over the reigns to his oldest son Jordan who’s been making the Goop products for 8 years.

Jordan is Goop’s Manufacturing Manager and is really proud of the products. He describes the process like mixing a big cake batter with ingredients getting added and mixed in at various stages before being pumped out into pails.

The manufacturing process takes between 4-8 hours to complete depending on the size of the batch and every batch is rigorously tested with strict quality assurance measures and specialised equipment.

As an additional step, Goop products are also tested using an accelerated weathering cabinet to ensure they can cope with Australian conditions.

Goop Guys are also very focused on creating environmentally-friendly products. We adopt recycling processes into our manufacturing operations, and this is one of the unique features of Goop.

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