Did you know Goop Guys products have applications beyond the construction industry?

Our high quality Booth Goop keeps spray booths clean, without hassle of scrapers, cleaners and hazardous chemicals.

Like our other products Booth Goop is water-based and works as a peelable coating specifically designed for use in spray booths.

Spray booths are bound to get a build up of paint and dirt, which is incredibly tough to clean and scrape off. This is time consuming and takes away time from core business.

Recently we returned to clean and re-Goop one of our customers spray booths after 6 months. After picking and peeling one corner, the Booth Goop was removed in preparation for re-Gooping.

Below is the same booth 20 minutes later. It’s been completely stripped of Booth Goop and is as clean as when the Booth Goop was first applied.

A little over one hour later the Booth Goop had been reapplied and the booth was back in action.

Booth Goop is affordable, with a 20kg Booth Goop Bucket covering 2-3 booths depending on how thick you apply. Hard to believe, but true!

Another great benefit is that Booth Goop can be disposed of in general waste, so there’s no special clean-ups or removal processes required. And no time is wasted scrubbing, cleaning and washing walls.

No more messy clean ups!

The spray booth was simply peeled, followed by some minor prep work, and then re-Gooped all within that afternoon and ready for business.

This all makes for one very happy customer, and there’s nothing we love more at Goop Guys than to see Happy Customers!