“We would like to say a big thank you for introducing us to your product. Although we have only been using the Goop for a couple of months now we have found it to be an absolute life saver!

For such a minimal cost it definitely takes the hard work out of the equation when it comes to the final clean for our brand new homes before handover. There is now no more need to worry about what we are going to find, no more worrying about scratches in bathtubs or on benchtops. This product definitely gives you the peace of mind that when we hand over our homes they will be in perfect condition.

Such an effortless product to work with!”

Kelsie Schrag

“Hi everyone,
Just a belated email to say thanks for your support of the 2015 Shitbox Rally and give you an update you on how we went!
Pete and I are proud to be a part of the rally and are thrilled to have raised $4,865.39 this year, bringing us close to $40,000 raised for the Cancer Council over the past 5 years.
This year we saw plenty of action as a support team, towing, patching up and repairing vehicles all along our route from Canberra to Townsville.
We can now proudly boast that we have towed a Mercedes the full length of the Birdsville Track and have discovered culinary outback delights such as the “Mungerannie Crunch” (you’ll just have to visit Mungerannie to find out).
More importantly though we know that our efforts, combined with your assistance, help provide vital funds for the Cancer Council to support critical, ongoing Cancer Research and support of those families affected by this horrible disease.
So thanks again – we couldn’t have done it without your help and support.
Special thanks also to Shane Copley from the Goop Guys who donated some of his fantastic product, Auto Goop which we used to protect my previously white 4wd!
Thanks to the Auto Goop undercoat, we were able to just paint over the top and then peel our patch wok paint job off at the end.”

Serge and Pete

“Hi Michael

We have been using the Goop Guys for several years for our window protection. We find the products very helpful and the service is very timely and professional. By using Goop to protect the glass and frames we save our brick layers and cleaners considerable time & effort. Not to mention the hassle of replacing the glass if the windows and doors were damaged. The price of Goop Guys’ products and services is competitive with current market and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Goop Guys to other builders.”

Ray Schier
Elevation Homes

“To whom it may concern
Edgewater Homes has been using Goop Guys to protect our doors and windows during construction of our homes in NSW for the past 5 years. There are many products on the market but Goop Guys have the best product matched with the most reliable and prompt service. We have found Goop Guys temporary protection of glass to be a long lasting product that is not affected in performance by the elements.
With the outstanding results from using Goop Guys, I now recommend them to other builders so they too can have the same satisfaction that we at Edgewater Homes have and continue to experience.
Since the use of Goop Guys for temporary protection of glass in the Edgewater Homes business, we have not had to replace scratched glass to any home, so the minimal cost for using Goop Guys is well worth the savings made – sorry to the glaziers out there!”

Edgewater Homes

“To Goop Guys Sunshine Coast,
In 2012 we used “Goop” on our high end project in Mooloolaba. In addition to using your Glass protection, we used your new “Floor Goop” Protection over our Tiles and Grout.
We found your service professional, friendly, fast and reliable and within our time constraints.
Your new” Floor Goop” Protection is just what we needed to protect the floor from heavy traffic and was exceptional in the job it was supposed to do. In addition, the feedback from our cleaning contractors in regards to how easy it was to remove after completion was all positive.
We recommend using” Floor Goop” protection as we found it will protect the floor from any unwanted damage.”

Lyle Ellis
Finishes Foreman
Sea Pearl Apartments Project
Sea Pearl Apartments Project

“To whom it may concern
House and Land Design PTY LTD have been using Goop temporary protection products for some years now to protect our windows, sliding door sills and bathtubs. We have also recently began trialling their new roof Goop. We have never had an issue with any of their products and find them to be of the highest quality. The service is always timely and professional with no hassles.
I would highly recommend the use of Goop products as they save us time and money.”

House and Land Design PTY LTD

“We use the Goop Guys exclusively in our region and have always found them to be prompt, reliable and a great company to deal with.

We never build a home without ‘Gooping’ the windows, baths and bench tops throughout. We find this not only protects products from trade damage and saves us money on costly repairs and replacements but we have also found it to be a fantastic ‘value add’ for our clients.
They love the fact that we care enough to professionally cover expensive finished house items.”

Sean Fraser
Construction Manager
Ausmar Homes

“Please accept our thanks for the application of your Goop product during the construction of our new home.
At first we were a little dubious about the product and wondered why our builder had gone to the trouble of using ‘Goop’.
As our home was fully rendered , it was very obvious that our builders decision was more than warranted. We could see that render had splashed over most of our windows and would have done a lot of damage had we not ‘Gooped’. Inside, our high gloss benchtops were protected from tradesmans tools etc… and even the bath was saved from dust and grime.
We are pleased to say that once removed, our windows, benchtops and bath came through unscathed. No unsightly scratches and a clear view thru all of our windows. The application of ‘Goop’ is quite a saving compared to the cost of replacing scratched surfaces.
We are very happy that our builder went to the expense of using Goop. A product that offered us total protection.
As your motto goes ‘Don`t Wreck It – Goop It’.
Our home is in pristine condition thanks to ‘Goop’.”

Mike Suidgeest

“As builders cleaners on the Sunshine Coast, we have come across several different types of window protection. We have found that `Goop` has definately been the best product by far. Unlike other products , it is removed easily, leaves no residue behind and the glass is easy to clean.
We have also come across `Goop` on benchtops and bathtubs and have found it much easier to clean the surfaces underneath than other products. Once again, the product comes off easily and leaves the bath or benchtop spotless.
Other inferior products tend to leave a sticky residue behind once removed and then it takes the cleaner twice as long to clean.
We would recommend `Goop` to any Builder without hesitation.”

Dust Busters Queensland

“Dear Shane,
We would like take the opportunity to thank you for your service.
We have used Goop on the last couple of homes we have built and it is an absolute god send.
The time and effort it saves us is well worth the minimal cost of putting it on. We have Goop put on as soon as the windows are put in and it is the last thing we take off once the house has been finished.
We now do not have to worry about scratches, or paint, render or concrete splashing on to the windows.
It really is a must for all Builders. It should automatically be part of any house construction.
Once again thankyou for your service.”

Stylecraft Homes

“Dear Sir,
We have been using Goop products for the past 2 years. Prior to utilising Goop Guys products we were constantly replacing glass, laminated benchtops and bathtubs. Since we have been using Goop Guys products we haven`t needed to replace any surface which used to get scratched before. This in turn saves the stress of arguing with Trades, Clients and the Cleaners.
We would highly recommend using Goop Guys products and services as it has taken the worry out of handover when the Clients are examining the surfaces.”

Boardwalk Constructions

“To Whom It may Concern,
At Stegbar Windows we are always in search of any reputable Businesses to complement our performance in the supply of our Window and Door products.
Just recently we came in contact with Goop Guys who provide a temporary surface protection on the glass we provide in our products.
Having used other temporary glass protection we have found Goop is a far longer lasting product, rain, wind and any inclement weather do not seem to affect the performance fo the product.
I would highly recommend the use of Goop as a protective temporary surface protection on any glass.”

Stegbar Windows

“To Whom It May Concern,
Dwyer Quality Homes are pleased to use the “Goop Guys” product, continually for all our Window, Bath and Bench Protection.
The Safeguard this product achieves, gives our company “Peace of Mind”.
We have No Hesitation at all, in recommending the “Goop Guys” product.”

Dwyer Quality Homes