In the construction and building industry, the right choices can make all the difference between a smooth project and a headache. Lately, more and more builders are turning to Goop products to protect their surfaces, and for good reason! Here’s why.

Top Qualities of Goop That Clients LOVE

  1. Protection and Ease of Cleaning
    Goop excels in its temporary protective coating, safeguarding surfaces like glass and frames against scratches, paint splatters, and other common construction-related damages. When it’s time for the big reveal, Goop’s removal is impressively simple. It peels off smoothly, leaving surfaces pristine and reducing cleanup efforts significantly.
  2. Versatility
    From Window Goop that keeps glass scratch-free to Floor Goop safeguarding your tiles and concrete, it’s got your back. Need to protect kitchen benches or vanity tops? Bench Goop is your friend. And let’s not forget Bath Goop for those pristine tubs. Each Goop product is tailored for specific surfaces, meaning you’ve got a specialised, reliable solution for nearly every part of your build. This versatility streamlines your workflow, cutting down on the hassle of juggling multiple products for different surfaces. With Goop, you’re equipped for any challenge a project throws your way.
  3. Cost Savings
    Goop’s temporary, easy-removal protection means you’re spending less on repairs, replacements, and labour costs. No more extended hours scrubbing off stains or repairing damages! Goop ensures your project stays on budget by reducing these often overlooked, yet costly, post-construction expenses.
  4. Eco-Friendly
    In today’s world, being environmentally responsible is more important than ever. Goop products are water-based and contain additives utilised in the food industry. This means they are eco-friendly, which is a big plus for companies and clients who prioritise green building methods.
  5. Non-toxic and Safe
    Safety is paramount on any construction site, and we’re glad to share that Goop products’ water-based solution is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic! This ensures that it’s safe for workers to use and dispose of, providing peace of mind alongside its protective capabilities.

The Real-World Impact of Goop

Let’s hear it straight from those who’ve seen Goop in action! Take Thermal Impact, for instance. They’ve recently made the switch to Goop for their large-scale projects. Why? Because Goop’s protective capabilities have transformed how they safeguard glass and frames during construction. Here’s what they say:

“Thermal Impact has recently switched to Goop Guys to protect glass and frames on large projects. Not only does it ensure our products are protected from damage during the construction process, it enables our clients (the builder) ease of cleaning with Goop and tape peeling straight off with little to no cleaning at handover.”

  • Juyale John, Project Manager
    Thermal Impact

Then there’s Oceanview Constructions. For them, Goop is an integral part of delivering top-notch custom homes. They’ve seen firsthand how Goop’s glass protection products can save a lot of money, especially when accidents happen. It’s about having that safety net, ensuring the highest quality finish without the worry of costly mishaps.

“I can’t recommend the Goop Guys enough. Their glass protection products are great and can save you heaps of money if accidents happen. Since we started using the Goop Guys, I couldn’t imagine not using them. They even take the time to tape all of the door and window sills. The Goop Guys services are an integral part of us producing the highest quality custom homes.”

  • John Taylor, Director
    Oceanview Constructions

Logan Idiens from Platinum Residential Designer Homes also speaks for Goop’s versatility. They’ve been amazed at the range of surfaces Goop can protect – from tiled floors to kitchen and vanity benches! According to them,

“We have been very happy with the products and surface protection that Goop Guys can offer and the installation is painless. I have been surprised at what can be Gooped these days as well including tiled floors, windows, kitchen, vanity benches, and baths are also high on our list.

Goop saves us money and that’s what we are all striving for.”

  • Logan Idiens, Project Officer
    Platinum Residential Designer Homes

Next, here’s Plantation Homes. With over 12 years of using Goop, they’ve seen the commitment to quality service Goop Guys offer:

“Goop guys have been servicing the Plantation Homes business for more than 12 Years. During this time I have found Goop Guys’ commitment to quality service.

Their competitive pricing and extensive protective product range have helped reduce costs associated with damage and I have no hesitation in recommending Goop Guys.”

  • Alex Raleigh, QLD Business Manager
    Plantation Homes

Finally, Deen Suleman from McNab highlights Goop’s effectiveness on multi-residential projects. The ease of application and removal, especially on glazing and aluminium, has made Goop an indispensable part of their process. It’s the kind of product that once you start using, you can’t imagine going without.

“I have been using Goop Guys for 3 years now on multi-residential projects and have found their service to be exemplary. The product is awesome and cleaners love it as it peels off easily and protects our glazing and aluminium. Wouldn’t use anything else!”

  • Deen Suleman, Project Manager

These stories aren’t just testimonials — they’re proof of Goop’s real-world impact on projects, big and small. It’s about bringing peace of mind, quality, and cost-effectiveness to the table – something every builder can appreciate.

Interested in elevating your projects and client satisfaction? Join the growing number of companies that trust Goop for their construction needs! Contact us to learn more about how Goop can enhance your next project and keep your clients smiling.