…Advice from a Glazier and Franchise Owner

Window Goop is a product designed to protect glass during the construction stage of a house.

Being involved in the Glass and Aluminum Industry for over 40 years, I have seen enough scratched glass and damaged surfaces.

Applying Window Goop to all external glass areas of your home will make sure that you get a scratch free view of the outside scenery through your windows.

We often get asked, can you Goop Low-E glass, and the answer is YES! Absolutely! Goop is perfect for protecting Low Emissivity Glass.

For those that don’t know Low-E Glass, this is glass that has a special coating applied to it to reduce heat through the glass, lowering it by around 30%. We see it being used in windows as it improves thermal efficiency by cutting glare and prevents interior furnishings from being damaged by UV rays.

The coating is applied to the inside of the glass and is very susceptible to scratches and other damage and this is where Goop comes in.

Goop helps to protect the coating during construction and keeps it looking new. This is why Smart Builders use Goop!

Builders know that cleaning a house ready for hand over can be a time consuming and frustrating time for the builder, and using Goop means less stress and less time cleaning before handover to client.

There’s so many things that the Goop Guys can help builders with.

While we’re on the job, we can cover your Benchtops and Vanities, protecting your benches from scratches and paint overspray.

Baths can also be a problem when you build, as they tend to be used as rubbish bins, but Goop Guys can cover your bath with a protective coating to stop scratching and a costly repair/replacement bill.

Goop Guys can even tape your Sliding Door tracks to prevent them being damaged by muddy boots. This is a huge time saver when it comes to cleaning.

And a tip for home cleaners from a Glazier.

When it comes to cleaning Low E glass, this is best done with a mixture of vinegar and water or Windex, with a clean lint free cloth to wipe the glass clean. Ammonia or alcohol based cleaners are not recommended!