When Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast was refurbished in 2018 as part of a $345 million project , many opportunities to damage the original glass panels and aluminium framing presented themselves.

This is quite common in building projects and happens quickly and without notice as trades go about their jobs removing old fittings, tiles, wall and ceiling panels and more.

If damage occurred during this project, matching the colour of the glass and type of framing would have been a nightmare across the 6 suite towers.

So the project managers contracted the Goop Guys to protect not only the outside glass panels, but also the inside of the glass panels and original aluminium framing. Leaving no chance of damage no matter which side you were working on. Clever!

Protecting the inside of your glass panels is not something many builders think about, but it makes sense to protect your valuable assets.

Window Goop can easily be applied to internal glass to provide full frame and glass protection.

It’s especially good for renovation projects, and can eliminate scratches and damange from debris to expensive glass and aluminium frames during demolition.

Due to the finish of Goop once dried, it will also keep prying eyes from seeing into your rebuild whilst still allowing all natural light to shine through. This makes it a great option for shop fit outs too!

If you want peace of mind and to protect your valuable assets our team of Goop Guys can help. Call us today on 1300 735 496!